Herb garden

Pidula supports and works with the Saaremaa local and organic foods’ movement, developing its business concept on their principles for the Pidula Manor Kitchen, opening in 2013

A classical herb garden, designed by Mirja von Knorring, the famous Finnish gourmet chef & herbalist, was planted in 2009 next to Pidula Hall. Mirja has earned the French Le Cordon Bleu diploma, and she specialises in cooking with herbs. Most of her nine published works are cookbooks, many of them prize-winners, such as Yrttien tuoksua (Fragrance of Herbs, Teos, 2006) and Virtina kokaraamat (Cookbook of A Governess, 2009).
Cookbook of A Governess is based on the notes and recipes of Selma Mathilde Ariko, who worked as a governess and head cook in many large Estonian manors before the First World War. Her papers were found some years ago in a Tallinn attic.

Today, just as more than 100 years ago, the Pidula Manor Kitchen bases its dishes on organic and local products, including herbs from the manor's own garden.